Lines of services

Lines of services

Waste Management

At INTERASEO we provide a global service in the comprehensive management of ordinary waste. We have an extremely professional human team, specialized vehicles and quality equipment, which make us leaders in Colombian Market and highly competitive internationally.

  • Sweeping and Cleaning
  • Waste collection and transport
  • Waste Transfer
  • Final waste disposal
  • Landfill Operation
  • Washing of Public Areas
  • Lawn Mowing
  • Tree Pruning
  • Beach Cleanup
  • Waste bin Installation and Maintenance



Landing and Station – Colombia

1. SL Ecosistema de la Sierra (Aracataca, Magdalena)
2. SL El Clavo (Palmar, Atlántico)
3. SL La Glorita (Pereira, Risaralda)
4. SL La María (Ciénaga, Magdalena)
5. SL La Miel (Ibagué, Tolima)
6. SL Los Corazones (Valledupar, Cesar)
7. SL Magic Garden (San Andrés Islas)
8. SL Oasis (Sincelejo, Sucre)
9. SL Palangana (Santa Marta, Magdalena)
10. SL Riohacha (Riohacha, La Guajira)
11. SL Sur de La Guajira (Fonseca, La Guajira)
12. SL Yotoco (Yotoco, Valle del Cauca)


Waste Transfer station

TS Palmira (Valle del Cauca)
TS Sabaneta (Antioquia)


Landfills and Waste Collection

Sanitary Landfills

  • SL La Laja – Chile
  • SL San Pedro Sula – Honduras
  • SL Cerro Patacón – Panama
  • SL Arequipa – Peru

Waste Collection

  • Sulambiente – Honduras
  • Revisalud – Panama
  • Serviaseo – Panama
  • Surquillo – Peru
  • Teclaseo – El Salvador
  • Atessa – El Salvador

We generate energy in a sustainable manner

Thanks to the use of biogas generated by solid waste from landfills, we are able to produce energy, an innovative and environmentally sustainable process. In our operation in Panama, we generate 8.1 MW of power at the Cerro Patacón Landfill, which is used in Panama City.

In Colombia, at the Magic Garden Landfill in San Andres, we have the First Urban Solid Waste Energy Valorization Plant, which self-generates 80% of the energy required to incinerate waste to give the landfill a longer useful life.


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